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The VHS-C was the VHS attempt to make the personal video camera more feasible. It was much smaller than its larger VHS cousin, though it only handled about 1 hour maximum play time in Standard Mode.

The one unique aspect of VHS-C to DVD conversion is that the video tape cartridge actually requires an adapter to make it fit into a VHS sized cartridge which is then played in a regular VHS machine. Ingenious really!

Yes, we have the cartridges so that we can play your tapes as we capture your VHS-C into digital before we cut a new DVD for you or save it to a hard drive. 

For more information about VHS tape in general, please see our VHS page.

See our  VHS-C Pricing Schedule for pricing, corporate pricing, and volume discount information.

8mm Film to DVD

Capturing Every Frame Makes all the Difference

By Jamey Nordby - January 6, 2018

Whether you convert 8mm Film to DVD or choose 8mm Film to Digital if you wish to preserve your memories, it is important to have a backup strategy. 

There are several choices to confidently backup your digital investment:
  1. If you watch video on DVD, be sure to get a 2nd copy. Once the conversion work is done, the copies are cheap. Watch one copy, and save the other in a safe place.
  2. If you watch your video via digital files on computer, apple TV, etc. then keep multiple copies. Separate external hard drives, USB drives, multiple computers, and Cloud are all good backup methods.
The investment in Film to DVD or Film to Digital conversion is significant. Backing up your investment is very cheap insurance.

The same is true, of course for 16mm Film to DVD and 16mm Film to Digital, as well as VHS to DVD and VHS to Digital.

Videotape to DVD is more important thant ever

VHS Players are disappearing

By Jamey Nordby - March 22, 2017

The last manufacturer of VHS players has closed its doors!

This means that the ability to convert VHS to DVD or VHS to Digital has a limited future.

The same is true for Hi8 to DVD, miniDV to Digital, Betamax to Digital etc.

In order to convert videotape to DVD, you must have a player that can capture the information on the tape and convert it to a video picture. Once those are gone, so is the opportunity to create a digital file of your family video.

Don't wait until it is too late!

Videotape to DVD - Videotape to Digital - custom editing

Edit your own VHS to DVD or VHS to Digital Conversion

By Jamey Nordby - October 1, 2016

When you convert your Videotape to Digital  or Videotape to DVD, the most frequent question is: can I edit my video when I am finished?

Of Course! But it has to be done right in the first place. DVD is not the right option for conversion if you want to edit later. A digital version (quicktime, .mp4, or .avi) are the formats that you need if you want to edit your videos at a later date.

Reborn Audio Video will also edit your videotape to digital project as well. We will sit with you and cut and paste until you have exactly the video you desire. For an anniverseray, a memorial, or a birthday - we can help you create the perfect video.