Scan Slides to DVD

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35mm Slides to DVD

Most Slide to DVD conversion projects at Reborn Audio/Video are 35mm slides, although we also support other formats as well (large format, 126, and more).

Slides to DVD (as well as Photos to DVD and Negatives to DVD) have several quality options to choose from depending on your needs. Options include scan quality, resolution, and finish editing. 

View our 35mm slides to DVD pricing schedule.

VHS to DVD for Christmas

It is not too early to convert Videocassette to DVD! Don't wait until it is too late.

By Jamey Nordby - September 9, 2016

That's right!

It is not too early to start your VHS to DVD conversion project now. If you wait until Thanksgiving, if there is still time, it could cost more to guarantee a Christmas delivery!

Want to organize your project. It is very simple: Start by numbering your project in the order you want it (Sharpie on the VHS, miniDV, slide, etc). Then, determine if these can be combined onto a single DVD (If it fits). do the same for 8mm Film to DVD, as well as Scan Slides (number the carousel).

Hint: Combining video onto fewer disc now can save money for copies in the future!


Scan Slides to preserve your memories

Turn Boxes and Carousels into small, simple-to-manage disks!

By Jamey Nordby - February 29, 2016

Literally hundreds (even thousands) of photos can be stored on a single disc when you Scan photos, Scan negatives, or scan slides....

Not only is the space saved, but you can once again actually look at the old family, friend, and vacation pictures. The cost depends upon the resolution, the dust and scratch editing (they are all dirtier than you think). 

Color correction, cropping, and light adjustment are all included!