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One of our most popular conversion projects is Cassette to CD. We capture each of your cassettes through state of the art devices that transfer your music, family conversations, and interviews into digital.

We then edit the sound, filter for noise, enhance voice and music, and cut to a CD complete with the tracks that help you to navigate your new digital voice and music. 

We can also convert to .mp3 for playing in smartphones and other .mp3 players.

See The Top 5 Reasons to Convert Audio to CD to understand why it is so important to transfer your audio to CD format now.

See the Cassette to CD pricing Schedule for pricing, corporate pricing, and volume discount information.

Cassette to CD - listen to those voices again!

Cassette to mp3 same low price

By Jamey Nordby - March 2, 2016

Those old tapes are not getting any younger - we find that we have to add repair charges more and more when we convert audio Cassette to CD. The tapes get brittle, damaged, and worn out. The cassette shell themselves and the internal reels also wear out. 

This can double the cost of converting when we have to repair as well as convert. 

Don't wait until its too late!