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16mm to DVD is a popular consumer as well as professional film choice.  It is often used today in introductory film classes at college and university campuses. Our state of the art film conversion equipment and processing software insure that film is preserved while enjoying the benefits of modern digital technology.

See the brief description of the Keys to a Successful Film Transfer to see why Reborn Audio/Video is the right choice for your 16mm to DVD project.

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Edit 8mm to Digital, 8mm to DVD Conversion

Convert 8mm film and edit your custom video

By Jamey Nordby - October 1, 2016

Taking those old films and converting them from 8mm film to digital or 8mm film to DVD is not straightforward if you desire to edit the final video before showing to your friends and family.

The most common mistake is that people choose DVD, assuming that they can edit it later - not very easily. First, DVD is a compressed format, lowering resolution and quality. So, if you wish to edit yoru fim later, then 8mm Film to Quicktime, .mp4 or .avi is a much better choice. The tools available and the quality of the video is much higher when these formats are used.

You can also choose a custom edit, where an editor sits with you to create the perfect final video for family, friends, and events.

8mm Film to DVD Preservation

8mm Film to DVD Conversion

By Jamey Nordby - June 23, 2016

Cool and dry are the keys to preserving film - even in a freezer!

Humidity and heat create a number of problems - brittle (and the breakage that goes with it), and the infamous vinegar smell of deteriorating film. Even mold can grow on the film, eventually ruining the picture. 

Before engaging in an 8mm Film to DVD project, the film needs to be cleaned with appropriate cleaner/lubricant that is anti-static so that the picture is the best it can be and it moves through the frame by frame scanner without a problem. 

8mm Film to DVD - the equipment makes all the difference

Both hardware and software determine the quality of your film conversion

By Jamey Nordby - February 27, 2016

The film conversion equipment used - both hardware and softwar - make all the difference between a quality conversion and just another conversion when converting 8mm film to DVD or (8mm film to hard drive).

Hardware - the hardware must include the latest technology to scan frame by frame, have automatic lighting capability, and adequate resolution. Just like when the film was projected on a screen, it was frame by frame - the same is true for a good conversion. With automatic lighting adjustment, dark film actually comes out better than the original when converted. Sometimes it is a slight improvement, sometimes it is dramatic, depending on how much light and exposure the scanners have to work with.

Software - this critical component is often overlooked, but having the right process for a captured video is imperitive. Once every frame has been captured, the ability to merg this into a digital video file is key, blending frames where needed, correcting color and light as appropriate, and creating a form and resolution that make the most sense for your needs. Only professional level tools can do this the way it should be done.